play minesweeper on chromebook

How to Play Minesweeper on Chromebook?

Want to play Minesweeper on Chromebook to kill some free time? Then here is a detailed guide on how to play this classic game where you have to discover mines and...
Chrome blocks suspicious downloads

Google Chrome will block all suspicious downloads from HTTP websites

Google Chrome has been improving over the years to improve safety and privacy. It is now planning to block all suspicious downloads from HTTP web pages. Google wants to encourage safe...
Swisscom Box 23

Swisscom New TV-Box 5 (IP 2300) will run Android TV Platform

Swisscom, Switzerland's telecom provider will bring its new TV Box powered by the Android TV platform. Earlier the company has used AOSP Android in their TV boxes for the past 10...
blackfriday 2023 chromecast deal

Chromecast Black Friday 2023 Deals

On the eve of Black Friday 2023 Google gives huge discounts on its products. In this article, we will talk about Chromecasts. If you want to buy the latest Chromecast then...

A mysterious Google “Wireless Product” with model number GWX3T clears FCC

An unknown wireless device from Google with the FCC ID A4RGWX3T just cleared the certification hinting at its impending launch. Tech watchdogs have it that the product might be Google's next...

Top 5 Christmas 2014 Gift Deal

This Christmas there are my deals which are coming on the on-line websites we have make a list for some of them.      icade Core   Does your huge for life or youngster have an...
Android TV 12 is now officially out, but there's a catch

Android TV 12 is now officially rolling out with 4K UI support

Android 12 for smartphones are already here, but TV users had to wait as the testing was going on forever. But Android TV 12 is now officially out. But there's a...
Google chrome

Recently Closed Tab Groups in Chrome Will Soon Appear in Tab Search

Google Chrome is working hard to keep up with Edge in organizing and grouping tabs. Part of that was the ability for a user to pull up recently closed Tab Groups...
Google Security measures

Safer Internet Day: Google Shares Progress

Google has become as crucial as the very air we breathe. So is the concern for safety and security while on the net. Google had its way through several lawsuits and...
Netflix Recover

Netflix ad-supported plans finally works on Apple TV

In November 2022 Netflix launches a new cheaper ad-supported plan to gain some subscribers. But at the time of the introduction of the new ad-supported plan, some of the devices didn't...
google G454V

Google’s ‘Wireless Device’ arrives on FCC, could be low-end Chromecast HD with Google TV

After recent announcements at Google IO 2022, the search giant seems to be preparing for a new hardware launch. Considering the latest FCC listing of a new 'Wireless Device' bearing the...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...