Chrome OS Update v91 Backfires on Some Chromebooks

Google is Developing a Unified App Store for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are very popular among students in schools and colleges. It runs on a lightweight Chrome OS. Google is developing a unified app store for Chromebooks, which is currently in the...

Lenovo brings pocket-sized ChromeBox for portable ChromeOS Experience

After excelling in the Chromebook market, Lenovo is here with the ChromeBox, which is a pocket-sized portable device loaded with ChromeOS. The new device appears to feature some extraordinary features and...
ChromeOS 118

What’s New in ChromeOS 118? Check its Best Features here

ChromeOS 118 is finally here and it brings a slew of new features to the supported ChromeOS devices. The most notable features include new password recovery measures, an improved touch typing...

Google announces 10 years of Automatic Updates for Chromebooks

Chromebooks are popular among educational institutes because of their affordable price tags. Moreover, Chromebooks run on Chrome OS which is one of the lightest and most secure operating system in the...
chromeos 117 features

ChromeOS 117 could feature redesigned settings menu with Material Design 3

Google is focusing on ChromeOS, and that is evident from the development works and the features that were recently made available via ChromeOS 115 and 116 updates. The stable version is...

Google to bring Fast Pair into Chromebooks

Google showcased a bunch of new features and updates coming to their various platforms at the MWC event. Pertaining to these announcements, Google revealed that their Fast Pair technology is coming...
what is crosh and how to use it on chrome OS

What is Crosh and How to Use it on Chrome OS?

In this guide, we are going to know what is Crosh and how to use it on Chrome OS. The term Crosh is an acronym for Chrome OS Developer Shell. It...
Enable developer mode on your Chromebook

How to enable developer mode on your Chromebook

Developer mode on Chromebooks or Android devices opens up a lot of functions to its users. For Android users, one needs to enable developer mode to unlock the bootloader & install...

Google rolls out ChromeOS 109 with battery saving improvements and more

The support for Android apps in Chromebook has helped it to grow significantly over the years. Google has now started rolling ChromeOS 109 to Chromebooks out there. The update will reach...

How to activate monthly calendar on ChromeOS status bar

ChromeOS has become a very interesting OS for tech enthusiasts as it is a very light OS and the ability to run on a low-specs device makes it too good.  Recently,...
Best Extensions Wordle for Chrome

Best Extensions for Wordle on Chrome

Wordle is a very popular word puzzle game playable only on a web browser. It was developed by Josh Wordle but the game was later acquired by New York Times. In...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...