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What is Crosh and How to Use it on Chrome OS?

In this guide, we are going to know what is Crosh and how to use it on Chrome OS. The term Crosh is an acronym for Chrome OS Developer Shell. It is a command-line interface similar to the Command Prompt we see in the Windows OS. Crosh is exclusive to Chrome OS.

what is crosh and how to use it on chrome OS

On a Chromebook, You can use various commands on the Crosh to execute several actions related to debugging or extracting device information and network usage details. We have listed a few commands that are commonly used on Crosh. If you have a Chromebook, grab it and follow the instructions to use Crosh on Chrome OS.

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How to Open the Crosh Interface on Chrome OS?

Keep in mind that Crosh won’t be showing up on the App drawer of Chromebook. Also, you do not have to enable Chromebook’s developer Mode to access the Crosh interface. To invoke it you have to press the hotkeys Ctrl + Alt + T. The command line interface will appear in a new browser tab.

ChromeOS Crosh

List of Important Crosh Commands

Here is the list of various commands that serve different purposes on Crosh.

Crosh Command Name    Description
memory_test Shows the detailed memory usage on your Chromebook
battery_test 15 This command returns details regarding how much battery is left and what is the percentage of the battery’s health.

The number signifies the battery test for discharging.

ping [domain name] A ping is used to test the network strength.

You can enter any website name you are trying to visit to check the network between your Chromebook and the web server of the respective site.

top Access a Task Manager through the Crosh command line to check out the small processes running on the Chromebook
rollback As the command name suggests, it will reverse the Chromebook operating system to a previous build.

Usually, when faced with bugs on the current build of Chrome OS this command comes in handy.

uptime This command shows how long your computer has been running since the last time you shut it down.

Also, it displays the current users that are logged in to the Chromebook.

update_over_cellular enable Install Chrome OS update over cellular networks instead of waiting for a WiFi network.
Set time [dd month yyyy] [time] Change the time on your Chromebook
network_diag This command performs a network diagnosis of your Chromebook and saves the details of the information extracted as a txt file on the device.
exit Close the Crosh interface
modem help Use the command to connect to your modem, factory reset it, or update its firmware.
help_advanced Get access to all the Crosh commands available for Chrome OS


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You do not have to be a serious developer or possess rocket science knowledge of some sort to try out Crosh. The commands are easy to remember and implement. Now, you know what Crosh is and how to use it on the Chrome OS, give it a try. Have fun with the basic commands and see how it works. I hope this guide was useful.

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