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HP 2023 ChromeBook with 14″ display on sale for $179

Chromebooks never miss a chance to impress with some of their advantages over traditional laptops. The recent deal on the 14" HP 2023 Chromebook seems exciting at $179 via Amazon. The...

Snapdragon X Elite Chromebooks Could See Day of Light Next Year

Qualcomm recently took the wraps off the Snapdragon X Elite chipset for the PC market/laptop market. After grabbing a chunk of the smartphone market, Qualcomm is set to start its voyage...
how to play valorant on Chromebook

How to Play Valorant on Chromebook?

In this guide, let us learn how to play Valorant on a Chromebook. When it comes to gaming FPS or First-Person Shooter games are always the first choice for most gamers....
charge chromebook using phone

How to Charge a Chromebook Without a Charger?

Did you just forget to bring the charger along with your Chromebook? Or maybe the charger gave up on you and became dysfunctional. Now your Chromebook is running out of juice...
run exe files on chromebook

How to Run exe Files on Chromebooks?

In this guide, we have shown how to run exe files on Chromebooks. Usually, we know that Chromebooks support the Android environment. That allows you to access the Play Store to...

Here’s a new way to run Windows App on Chromebooks

Google's ChromeOS is a useful and lightweight Operating System, and Chromebooks with access to Google Services make things even better. With the compatibility of Android App and Linux Apps, the users...
Where is the Refresh button on Chromebook

Where is the Refresh Button on a Chromebook?

In this guide, we will learn where the Refresh button is located on a Chromebook. Also, we have explained what purpose it serves and how you can use it to make...
how to share screen on Chromebook

How to Screen Share on Chromebook?

In this guide, we have explained the various methods to screen share on Chromebook. This means sharing the screen of your Chromebook device with another device. The other device user can...
Macbook vs Chromebook

Which is Better: Macbook vs Chromebook?

In this guide, we have compared Chromebook vs MacBook to know which of them is better. When you are planning to buy a new computer then getting stuck between two choices...
how to use Chromebook without a Google account

How to Use Chromebook without Google Account?

In this guide, we have explained how to use a Chromebook without a Google account. Technically, you will use a Google account but it is a different one from the primary...
how to install and use GIMP on Chromebook

How to Install and Use GIMP for Chromebook?

Let us know how to install and use GIMP for Chromebook. It is an open-source image editor with various useful tools that make image editing pretty fluid and efficient. If you...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...