Lenovo brings pocket-sized ChromeBox for portable ChromeOS Experience


After excelling in the Chromebook market, Lenovo is here with the ChromeBox, which is a pocket-sized portable device loaded with ChromeOS. The new device appears to feature some extraordinary features and specifications, which may suit enterprise users and can be used in signage or display solutions. It is the first micro-form-factor Chromebox built for 24/7 display deployments.

lenovo brings pocket-sized chromebox for portable chromeos experience

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it is a fanless, dust-proof box that supports dual displays at 4K resolutions. It is the size of a smartphone and offers a great fit for signage or display solutions. In the future, it will come with 15.6″ and 21.5″ inFLEX displays and could be worth using in an advertising agency. The inFLEX displays use a USB-C port, which offers data, power, and video on the same wire.

The ChromeBox from Lenovo can be easily managed remotely and can be used with ChroemOS Kioask and other upgrades to manage a fleet of other devices.

lenovo brings pocket-sized chromebox for portable chromeos experience

ChromeBox Micro comes with a dual-core Intel Celeron N4500 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and 32GB of eMMC storage. It offers dust-proof, ventless, and fanless operation and can work 24 hours a day without any issues.

“The Lenovo Chromebox Micro is a marvel of technological design and innovation, it is the powerhouse behind an extensive array of digital solutions tailored for a diverse range of industries and environments,” said Marc Godin, Vice President and General Manager of Commercial Smart Devices Solutions Group, Lenovo. “The device can help transform any business by offering unparalleled visual experiences in a small but powerful solution that’s easy to deploy.”

Below are the full technical specs for ChromeBox Micro:

Lenovo ChromeBox Micro Specifications

CPU Intel Jasper Lake2c N4500, 8+32, fanless
OS ChromeOS
Memory / Storage 8GB / 32GB eMMC
Dimensions 163 x 79 x 19.7 mm
Weight 450 grams
I/O 2x USB Type-C
2x USB Type-A
1x RJ45 Data
1x Audio Jack
1x Power Button
1x LED Indicator
1x K-Lock


The Lenovo ChromeBox Micro will start retailing in some markets globally in Q1 2024 for a price of $219.

However, more such products are on the way in 2024, as said by Google a while ago. Its use case is currently marketed as only for signage products, but it may be a good try if anyone wants to use it for personal purposes. Let’s see what 2024 holds for the ChromeBox.



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