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Lenovo brings pocket-sized ChromeBox for portable ChromeOS Experience

After excelling in the Chromebook market, Lenovo is here with the ChromeBox, which is a pocket-sized portable device loaded with ChromeOS. The new device appears to feature some extraordinary features and...

Chrome New Tab Page Brings Navigational Tweaks and Slight Design Changes

Chrome for Android is a favorite browser among smartphone users, and the new features make it attractive. Similarly, Google is pushing a slight makeover for the Chrome for Android browser with...
ChromeOS 118

What’s New in ChromeOS 118? Check its Best Features here

ChromeOS 118 is finally here and it brings a slew of new features to the supported ChromeOS devices. The most notable features include new password recovery measures, an improved touch typing...

Google to bring Fast Pair into Chromebooks

Google showcased a bunch of new features and updates coming to their various platforms at the MWC event. Pertaining to these announcements, Google revealed that their Fast Pair technology is coming...

How to activate monthly calendar on ChromeOS status bar

ChromeOS has become a very interesting OS for tech enthusiasts as it is a very light OS and the ability to run on a low-specs device makes it too good.  Recently,...

LG Chromebook (11TC50Q) listed on Bluetooth SIG, Launch imminent

LG is planning to launch a Chromebook soon. Today a new LG Chromebook with model number 11TC50Q is listed on Bluetooth SIG. The Bluetooth SIG gives licenses of Bluetooth technologies and...
How to use Python on Chromebook

How to run Python code on Chromebook

In the era of Machine Learning and AI, the programming language Python has been the driving element for many of the innovations. For programmers, Linux is usually the first priority due...

How to use Android apps on Chromebook

Chromebook runs Chrome OS, which you'd know is a Google product like Android. So it'd make a lot of sense if Android apps could be run on Chrome OS-powered Chromebooks natively....
Kodi on Chromebook

How to Install and Use Kodi on Chromebook

Kodi is for those who would like to manage all most all the entertainment needs under a hood. In short and as they say, Kodi is an "ultimate entertainment center". Being...

How to enable dark mode on ChromeOS

Dark Mode is quite an in-demand feature on any Operating System these days. After an initial push from Android developers, Mircosoft and Apple pushed to their respective Operating Systems to address...

How to take a picture on Chromebook

Here is another how-to guide featuring Chromebook as the protagonist. While it seems so simple, there ought to have beginners who don't know how to carry out certain basic functions such...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...