Chrome OS Revamps the Emoji Picker

Chrome OS Revamps the Emoji Picker

Emojis are in no doubt a game-changer. These tiny pictographs add a ton of life and meaning to our messaging and notes. Most operating system out there supports emojis and often...
Linux Users of Chrome reports Chromecast Function is Broken

Linux Users of Chrome reports Chromecast Function is Broken

Google Chrome is, in fact, the browser with the most user base as well as bugs.Now Linux Users of Chrome reports ChromeCast Function is Broken. But don't worry, as there is...
Google Chrome

Google Chrome will now work faster with the new HTTPS update

Chrome 90's new update will allow the web browser to search faster and securely than before. Google Chrome will now use HTTPS protocol by default to make the search faster and...
open discover feed in new tab

Discover Feed in Chrome gets Open in New Tab or Incognito Tab feature and...

Discover Feed has become quite an interesting corner for reading news and stories related to our search patterns. Google accumulates some top news stories and blog posts on the basis of...
Google Chrome

Google Chrome experimenting to make desktop mode default on Android tablets

Google Chrome may soon open webpages in desktop mode automatically on Android tablets with a large display. Google is undergoing this experiment and may soon eliminate the need to manually check...
google chrome tab group

Tab Groups debut on Google Chrome for Desktop stable channel

After months of testing, the search giant is finally pushing the Tab Groups to Google Chrome for the Desktop Stable channel. The new feature is already available on Chrome for Android...
How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

How to Fix Chrome Continue Where You Left Off

Google Chrome is an ever-improving browser. The developers are always so keen on bringing rich features to the browser that makes life easier (do they really?). One such useful feature is Continue...
How to stop multiple chrome processes

How to Stop Multiple Google Chrome Processes

Google Chrome is the most widely-used and favorite browser for users browsing the internet across the globe. If you're reading this article, you are very likely to be one of them....
Google Chrome for iOS OR Scanner

Google Chrome For iOS can Scan Barcodes Now

Google chrome has added the ability to scan Bar-codes in its iOS App version 56.0.2924.79. You can now scan QR code or barcode on your iPhones and iPads by using 3D...
google chrome

Google Chrome Gets Cast Button in latest Update

Google Chrome for web has got another amazing feature in its menu. Google has added Cast button in the Chrome for Web Menu. Users can now cast the content directly on...

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How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...