Google updates the Chrome logo almost after 8 years

Google updates the Chrome logo almost after 8 years

Google Chrome might be the best browser for feature additions and updates. The Chromium-based browser revolutionized the way we use the internet. Chrome forced other players to switch to Chromium-based browsers,...
Chrome now lets users mute tabs quickly

Chrome now lets users mute tabs quickly

Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser. However, it might be the most criticized browser as well. Muting tabs might be one such pitfall that earned a place for...
Chrome Delays Removal of Third-party Cookies to 2023

Google Chrome for iOS Crashing After Latest App Update

Google Chrome app for iOS has become unstable after the latest update rolled out on App Store. The users who have installed the Chrome app v97.0.4692.72 are complaining of frequent app...
chrome 96

Chrome 96 update fixes major security issues and brings Windows 11 styling menu

The all-new Chrome 96 update for the Chrome desktop browser is now rolling out with several new changes and advancements. The latest update patches several security flaws which have been recently...
RSS Button Now Available on Google Chrome for Android

RSS Button Now Available on Chrome for Android

Google Chrome comes preinstalled on almost all Android devices. Also, in most cases, it might be the default browser (or the only browser) on these devices. So adding a new feature...
Chrome 95 beta rollout: What's new

Chrome 95 beta rollout: What’s new?

Almost a week ago, Google released Chrome 94 to the stable channel. Now the American software giant has started pushing the Chrome 95 beta. As Google decided to accelerate the release...
How To Use the Google Chrome Web Feed

How To Use the Google Chrome Web Feed

During Google I/0 2021, Google announced that they'll be testing a built-in RSS reader in Chrome for Android. Even though it is very likely that Google might shelve this one. Like...
Chrome for Android Built-in Screenshot tool

Chrome for Android adds a Built-in Screenshot tool

Google Chrome is one of the best feature-rich browsers out there. Google keeps its browser up to date to ensure the best browsing experience for the user. Last year, Microsoft Edge...
Google's new Material You comes to Chrome

Google’s new Material You UI comes to Chrome

Google I/O 2021 was a slow-paced event that clearly focused on giving promises. And one such promise Google gave us was regarding an uplift in the UI side of Android. In...
Google chrome

Google to Start Testing Back-forward cache in Chrome Desktop

Google is punctual when it comes to keeping Chrome updated. This trend is felt more often in the Android version of the app. And last year, Google rolled out an update...
Reinstall Google Chrome on Mac

How To Reinstall Google Chrome on Mac

While Google Chrome is the most used browser out there, there is no denying that sometimes it lags. This happens irrespective of the operating system. Yes, it could even happen on...

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How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...