Google Credential Manager aims to streamline sign-in process


Google announces new Credential Manager for bringing the sign-in solutions together. Android applications support various methods for logging in to your accounts, like passwords to biometrics, phone prompts, and even backup codes. Most users go through a password manager or have to remember them, perhaps a difficult task if the password is highly secure. In addition, you can also set up passkeys for your accounts to simplify sign-ins. Having all the above options is always advantageous, but Google aims to simplify the process.

google credential manager

Credential Manager by Google

Google developed a new Credential Manager jetpack API allowing developers to facilitate the signing-in process. The new API supports multiple sign-in options, including username/password combinations, passkeys, and federated sign-in solutions. This simplifies the integration process for developers while also providing users with a unified sign-in experience with multiple authentication methods.

google credential manager demonstration
Source: Google

Furthermore, the Credential Manager supports passkeys, a passwordless authentication standard across Android and Chrome. Credential Manager lets users store their passkeys in Google Password Manager and sync them across all devices signed in to the same Google Account for seamless sign-in to passkey-supported apps.

The Credential Manager also assists users in simplifying the sign-in process by consolidating all available sign-in options for an app into a single list and removing any duplicates associated with a single account. This makes it easier for users to select the correct account without having to wade through the complexities of various sign-in methods.

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In conclusion, Google’s Credential Manager feature is a step in the right direction towards simplifying online activities and improving security for users. Android smartphone owners probably won’t notice the difference on a day-to-day basis, but this new API will significantly simplify developers’ lives. Support for third-party apps is also in the works, per multiple reports. Currently, the Credential Manager is in the alpha stages. Hence it will take some time for it to appear on your device.



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