Google finally brings ARM support for Chrome for Windows


After many years, Google finally brings ARM support for its Chrome browser on Windows. Google Chrome is most popular browser in the market, and some of the users find that in Chrome Canary build now supports ARM architecture. Although there is not any official information about when ARM support will be available in the stable channel.

google chrome for windows arm

So users with ARM processors can use Chrome natively on there devices. However, the Chrome Canary build usually contains some bugs and instabilities. If you don’t want any issues while working, its better to wait for the feature to be released in the stable version of Google Chrome.

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According to some reports, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and some other manufacturers plan to introduce Windows devices with ARM processors. Its important to tell you that Qualcomm recently announced Snapdragon X Elite processors.

How to Check Whether Google Chrome Running on Your Computer is Natively Installed or an Emulated app.

  1. Open the Task Manager on Windows
  2. Click on the Processes tab; after that, right-click on Chrome and go to details.
  3. Now check the architecture column. If Chrome is installed natively, then you will see Arm64.

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