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how to use chrome flags

How to use Chrome Flags to Checkout New Features

In this guide, let us know how to use Chrome flags to check out new features on the Chrome browser. The Chrome flags when enabled lead your way to a more...
Google chrome

How to check Chrome Extensions for safety

Google Chrome provides users with a variety of extensions for different purposes. These extensions are developed by third-party developers and help users to browse efficiently. Extensions increase efficiency while browsing by...
Amazon Fire TV Homepage

How to install Google Chrome on Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most popular streaming devices present in the market. Features like Alexa make it much easier to use and the primary choice of consumers. Amazon...
Chrome 95 beta rollout: What's new

Chrome for iOS gets Autofill password and more in latest update

Google Chrome is the most used mobile browser even on the iOS platform. The browser makes browsing very efficient and easy with its useful features. So, browsing has always been easy...
Google Meet

Google Meet brings Picture-in-Picture mode for web browser

Picture-in-Picture is one of the most useful features to increase the efficiency while using a video calling service or something else without compromising the other ongoing task. The feature was available...
google chrome browser for Google TV

Google Chrome will Block Notifications from spam websites

Google Chrome has always provided users the option to allow or block notifications from any website. However, with the increasing number of websites, the allowed websites are increasing the notifications to...
google assistant driving mode

Google Assistant now offers to change password automatically on Chrome

Google Assistant is the smartest AI assistant in the smartphone world due to its smart features which helps users a lot. Google keeps updating the Google Assistant by adding new features...
Google Chrome

Upcoming Chrome browser update will use HTTPS as the default protocol

Chrome, the popular web browser powered by Chromium Engine is a gold standard when it comes to security features on a browser. To strengthen the security even further, Google will be...
Chromebook 11

Acer’s New Chromebook 11 is Announced for $180

Acer has made Announcement just before CES 2016 that is the Chromebook 11 gets a design refresh and more importantly it is priced at $180. Moreover the Chromebase gets a design...
CHROME Push Notifications

Push Notifications comes to Google Chrome

Google gives the push messages support with the  Chrome 42 beta comes with a Push API which allows site developers to send out messages to users, regardless of whether they have...
chrome privacy

Google Chrome gets the New security feature now

Google now days are thinking to make their products more secure for their users. As the result of this is the new feature that is the Google plus profile on the...



How to cast Zoom meetings to Chromecast

Video conferencing through multiple devices at home has become a mandatory requisite these days when people are sitting inside their homes to protect themselves...