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Google Chrome for Desktop Getting Smarter with this Useful Feature

Google Chrome is the most popular browser across different Operating Systems. Its features and easily available extensions have always enabled users to extend the functionality according to their needs. Sometimes, such a popular browser learns from its competitors, Yes, Chrome is bringing a link preview feature on desktops/laptops.

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Chrome for Desktop Link Preview on Hover Feature

The feature is currently available on Safari for iOS, but now it will be made available to Chrome for Desktop users. The Chrome Canary build has already received the feature but it has some issues. However, the full development process will now time and later the feature will be made available for the stable build.

However, Google has to consider a lot about the data protection policies while embedding such a feature in Chrome. The feature will open a third-party website once you hover over the mouse.

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The browser researcher @Leoppeva64 revealed the information about the presence of such a feature on Chrome Canary.


As per the official documents related to the feature, there have been several bottlenecks for the feature to make its way to the Chrome Stable version. The issues related to privacy, browsing behavior, and others need proper addressing.

We have to wait for the feature to be made available publicly.

Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
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