Chromecast is great product by google and day by day company is adding more services to its product. Their are lots for apps present on both the Play store and Apple’s App store. But here we have taken up some best ones for you.

Netflixbest iphone apps for google chromecast

It is a subscription based app for Watching movies directly on your handheld device. All in all, the free Netflix app provides a wonderful service, but you may find it frustrating not being able to manage your queue or adjust your other settings. That said, the app remains the sole way to stream Netflix on your iOS devices. Try it From the App Store 


best iphone apps for google chromecast

VEVO is a service that promises its users access to a Great Range of streaming music video content with music videos, concerts and more from over 20,000 artists representing a variety of genres in this app. In addition to tens of thousands of on-demand videos, the VEVO app also includes VEVO TV, a constantly streaming music video station with an eclectic playlist. . Try it From the App Store 

Photowall for Chromecast

best iphone apps for google chromecast

Photowall for Chromecast lets you to send photos from their device to their Chromecast-connected TV, and works with either one iPhone user or a group on the same network. In this app their are editing options available which can be done on the Bigger Screen very easily. This App also lets multiple people share and doodle on big screen photos, creating a YouTube video of the entire Session. Try it From the App Store 


best iphone apps for google chromecast

It is the app completely free for streaming Tv Shows movies, and other video content. The choice of available videos can never be too long or too varied, and at times it’s hard to find something you really want to watch. But it’s free to sample anything Crackle has to offer, and chances are you’ll find yourself lost in its content for a few hours a week. Solid gold for the film buff and TV junkie. Try it From the App Store 


best iphone apps for google chromecast

It is the free mobile app HBO GO gives paying HBO subscribers the ability to watch a huge number of movies and television shows on demand from a mobile device. Try it From the App Store 

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