My Cloud Player for Sound Cloud gets Google Chromecast Support


Sound Cloud is a great way to listen,create and share music online. Although it had their App on the Play Store but it doesn’t stream music. But now My Cloud Player provides you with all your contents on sound cloud to stream through the Google Chromecast.

my cloud player chromemcast

If you’re a fan of the social music sharing site then this My Cloud Player app is the perfect companion for you which allows you to search , explore and listen to music on your mobile device and even on TVs, you can even create or listen to saved SoundCloud playlists.

How to Stream music from Sound Cloud

  1.  Install My Cloud Player from the Play Store which is available in both paid and free versions. In Free their will be ads which are not present in Paid version of the App.

  2.  After installing Login to your Sound Cloud account from the My Cloud Player and in the app you can Search, Play, Download, & More.

  3. Once you have your playlist made and your tracks queued up, you are all set to cast. Tap the Chromecast icon on the top right, select your device, and you are all set!

After using this App give us your reviews through your comments. For More Apps for Chromecast Read our Articles in Apps section.



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