Google again gives the offer for the people to buy Google Chromecast. the company will offer two free months of Hulu Plus with the purchase of every new Chromecast in US. This offer looks even better when you consider that you also get three free months of Google Play Music All-Access as well.


Hulu’s monthly subscription tier offers subscribers access to an expanded library of content over its free offering, including full seasons of shows from ABC, CBS, FOX and more. Hulu Plus subscribers are also able to stream content to mobiles devices through the official apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Actually, this deal is aimed explicitly at such a person, for it will not apply for existing Hulu Plus users. The offer will only take effect for new subscribers, who can redeem it at during the setup process.

As a long-term user of both Hulu and Chromecast, I can say that this is quite the deal! Will you be purchasing a Chromecast now