Big Deal Buy MotoX and Get Google Chromecast free.


All of you who want to buy Moto X and a fan of Google Chromecast than. Here is a deal for you Buy Moto X from Republic Wireless and get Google Chromecast Free. This will save you $35 on the little streaming dongle, though you’ll have to shell out $299 for the Moto X off contract.


The deal will support up to four Moto X units purchased per customer. Republic Wireless says that this deal will continue “while supplies last”, which likely means there is only a limited number of free Chromecast devices to go around. Also, buyers should note that the Chromecast won’t appear in their online cart when they purchase the Moto X.

Their is one more thing to pay attention that it seems that this promotion doesn’t apply to Moto Maker devices, only the black or white standard devices. It’s a significant disappointment as a big part of the Moto X’s appeal is the aspect of customization. But still, the standard devices are just as good.



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