Chrome os gets 6 new Apps including Slideshare and tapatalk


Google now brings 6 Android Apps to Chrome OS. Among them you’ll find the popular presentation sharing app SlideShare, which lets you browse millions of presentations and other educational content easily, quickly and with offline capabilities.

chrome os apps

Also sidling up is the forum app Tapatalk. This useful tool is a must-have if you like keeping on top of conversations happening across multiple forums.They’re joined by the (in)famous single syllable chat app Yo, an interactive periodic table, and two other apps that aren’t exactly going to wow the crowds.

Other new additions include the Dormi baby monitor software, chromatic tuner app Waves, and a shopping app called Slice.All of the new apps run within the Android Runtime plugin for Chrome OS that was debuted last year. The company solicits suggestions from the public to determine which apps it should bring to the platform next.




  1. I have been looking at Chrome OS for about a year as an alternative to Windows 8 and a move up from older Windows versions. The only thing, which keeps me from jumping in is a missing photo managing application. A good candidate would in my view be a digikam app.


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