Chromebook Crosses the iPad sales in Q3 2014


No doubt that Apple ‘s  had some great success in the education field with its iPad . Last year Tim cook said that Apple’s iPad had 95% of the Educational tablet market.But the Chromebooks in the Q3 2014 crosses the sales of iPads in the education sector. Although the cheap laptops running Google’s Chrome OS got off to a slow start , with schools ironically being one of the first places the devices were embraced.

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But in 2104 we has seen a rapid adoption of the Chromebooks which makes Microsoft to shifted its strategy and started offering low-cost licenses for Windows 8.1 in order to offer Low cost Windows laptops to compete with these Chromebooks.

Chromebooks are really gaining traction,” said Rajani Singh, an analyst with IDC.

“The growth of Chromebook is a major concern for Apple’s iPad.”


There are several factors pushing Google’s devices ahead of iPads, with cost being one of the most important. Samsung , Hewlett-Packard , and others sell Chromebooks as low as $199, while Apple’s iPad go for about $380 with the educational discount. But that’s not the real cost for schools. After adding keyboards to iPads (which many students needs for writing tests) the iPad costs are even higher. This is the major backdraw of iPad.


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