Chromecast extension beta Adds 1080p Support


Google is offering 1080p video streaming through one of the chrome browser extension named Google Cast Beta extension. It is now possible to test full high definition streaming direct from the Chrome desktop browser.The significant update in tab casting quality will be of particular benefit to those with large screen televisions.


In the plugin’s settings you will find a section towards the bottom called ‘Custom mirroring settings’. They make sure to make a special note that this section is for ‘Advanced users only.’ In this section you can adjust your minimum and maximum bitrates in kbps, along with adjusting the maximum capture framerate. A final setting in the list lets you swap around from 854 x 480, 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080. The standard Google Cast extension only offers three options and none of the fancy adjustment options that the beta version offers. It keeps you at a maximum of 720p with a High or Extreme bitrate option.


It is fun to play about with if you have a little knowledge and respectable internet connection/router. I gave it a whirl myself and the image is much crisper on my 39′ HD TV. Sadly there are some nefarious internet issues plaguing the area today, so anything that requires any sort of good connection speed is worthless for me.



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