Chromecast Update now Allows you to cast without Being on the Same Wifi Network


Google Today in its Google I/O 2014 releases an update for Google chrome cast which brings 3 main things to the Chromecast users Wi-Fi-free Casting, Android Mirroring, and Backdrop. in WiFi free casting you’ll be able to cast content without having to worry about being on the same WiFi network. Instead, users will be able to ‘cast’ content through the cloud via their mobile data plan or while using an alternative means of connection.

google chromecast 1st gen

Away from the tech, we also heard a few facts and figures. There are now 6000 registered developers and 10,000 applications that hook into it. Chromecast is a top-selling electrical product on Amazon in the UK, U.S., France, Japan, and Canada and usage is up an impressive 40%.


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