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Chromecast website get new design which improves search functionality

Google updates its Chromecast website  with some changes which improves the search ability of the site. In this new improvements google adds the search by functionality to the page where apps are listed.

chromecast apps

In addition to the ability to view all of the Chromecast apps Google also divided the interface up into tabs for “Featured,” “New,” and “More.” There is also now a drop down menu that allows you to sort between desktop, Android, and iOS apps. which future make easy for the users to get the apps they want in less time.

The search tab is on the far right, and it too has the filter menu. Queries here will only search Chromecast-enabled apps, but it’s just indexing the names. As such, it’s not as robust as the full Play Store search. But hey, now you have an actual reason to go to the Chromecast site sometimes.

Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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