Chromecast with Google TV 2022 to Support 1080p Streaming and AV1 Codec


This year binge-watchers are going to be treated with an all-new model of Chromecast with Google TV. Bearing the codename”boreal” the revamped streaming stick from Google will possibly support 1080p video streaming.

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We can expect the upcoming Chromecast with Google TV to be slightly cheaper than the current unit which supports 4K streaming. The 2022 unit may retail at a price less than $40.

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We are yet to know more technical info about the 2022 Chromecast with Google TV. According to a few reports, the upcoming 2022 streaming unit from Google TV will support the AV1 codec.

The expectation remains that the new unit of the streaming stick can support more storage. The current unit only supports up to 8GB of storage. Given the huge amount of digital content present on the countless OTT apps, 8GB is quite a measly amount. So, Google may fix the storage requirement with its new 2022 streaming dongle with up to 64GB of storage.

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  1. This doesn’t really make sense. Every crappy media stick from China can stream 4K. However, where the majority fall down is they don’t have enough power to make the GUI / interface smooth.

    The last thing you want is a less-powerful Chromecast. The current one is borderline underpowered. It is usually pretty good, but occasionally you can see the GUI halt and stutter when browsing menus on the home screen.


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