Firefox beta gets the update for Tab Casting


Mozilla is pushing a new version of Firefox beta for Android users which will provides you with the Tab Casting via Google chromecast. The tab casting is certainly neat, but it seems pretty buggy for me. Your mileage may vary. The WiFi toggle on error pages is cool too. If your connection dies or you forget you left WiFi off on a tablet, it’s fast to get back online.

firefox beta

The new update for Chromecast, version 19084, is said to be hitting devices over the last week, after the Chromecast team announced it was coming on September 3. The automatic update that is rolling out includes adding TV queue support for YouTube casting, some improvements for casting from Chrome, and some general bug fixes and improvements to stability. The team adds that Chrome 37 is needed for “good tab casting performance” on the new build.

Mozilla is pushing on with tab mirroring in their Android browser. It’s early days, and I personally cannot get the feature to work! But, to give it a go for yourself, grab the beta from the Play Store, open a new tab and tap through menuTools > Mirror Tab.


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