Fix LG Remote Not Working issue


Is your LG Remote not working? To fix that issue, we have compiled a few troubleshooting tips in this guide. Using these fixes you can make the LG remote functional once again. When it comes to electronic gadgets, especially in the TV hardware segment, LG has a big reputation.

how to fix lg remote not working

It seems the LG remotes sometimes do not stand up to the high standards the brand has carved for itself. Now, we cannot always blame the brand if the gadget malfunctions. Anything that runs on technology has a fair probability of facing glitches.

Common Reasons Why LG Remote is Not Working 

The most common reasons for the problem include batteries that ran out of juice and the IR emitter being faulty. Also, if the remote had an unfortunate fall on a hard surface such as the floor from a height, there is a high chance that its circuitry took a blow. Then the remote would stop working altogether.

Even the issue of spillage and the liquid spilled coming in contact with the remote’s keys can cause it to malfunction.

Best Tips to Fix LG Remote Not Working

Here are the various troubleshooting tips that you can implement.

Replace the Batteries on the Remote

In most cases, when the TV remote control doesn’t work, it is due to dead batteries. Hence, replace the old batteries and put in a couple of new ones. It is pretty simple.

change batteries of lg tv remote

  1. Open the backside of the LG remote.
  2. Take out the dead batteries carefully.
  3. Now, insert the new batteries and close the battery slot.

Switch on the TV and try using the LG remote. It should now work.

Repair the LG Remote

If you are sure that the remote control is a victim of spillage issues or a fall, then it needs a visit to customer service of LG. Head to the nearest authorized service point of LG and hand over the faulty remote to the technicians. Explain the issue to them. They will either fix the LG remote or replace it depending on the extent of damage to the gadget.

Fix the IR Blaster

Sometimes, due to falling from a height, the IR blaster may have been damaged. The actions from the remote are executed when the infrared light from the remote reaches out to the receiver in the TV. When the IR doesn’t work, you have to repair the remote.

Launch your phone camera and point the remote control at the camera and press any button. If the IR blaster is working, then in the camera you should see a faint yellowish shine from the IR emitter. If you see nothing, then the IR on the remote is not working. Take the remote to the LG service center and then repair it.

Clean the Remote Control Surface

Sometimes, the remote’s keypad surface may be clogged with dirt and dust. It happens when you use a remote controller for years and it remains without any cover or case thus accumulating dust.

clean tv remote

When the keypad points are filled with dust or grime, the remote would not work properly. As a fix, grab a soft clean cloth and slowly clean the keypads of the remote. You may also use a soft surface duster to remove the dust particles.

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When the LG remote is not working, you will end up missing your favorite TV content. So, follow all these tips and the LG remote will work in no time. I hope this guide was useful.


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