Get $20 Play Store Credit For Chromecasts Bought From Dec. 13th Till Jan. 2nd


Google has Launched its Chromecast version 2 since Google has given so many offers on the purchase of Google chromecast. Now againon these Holidays Google has given a deal to the Chromecast buyers who buys the Device between Dec. 13th – Jan. 2nd will get the Get $20 Play Store Credit.

chromecast2 deals

The offer can be redeemed, like all Chromecast offers, in the Chromecast app. Well, it will be able to redeemed, once the promo actually starts in two days. If you’re on the fence about a Chromecast, this could definitely be the deal to make that decision a lot easier.

Remember: Google Play credit can be used for any Google Play purchase, and that includes recurring magazine subscriptions, Google Play Music All Access, books, apps & games, and of course movies and TV shows.

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This deal has briefly appeared on the Chromecast Offers website. It’s gone now, but that’s probably because it was put there too early – we are in fact still a of day away from December 13. So it’s a safe bet that if you go to that page from Sunday on, you’ll see this back up.  So this is the Good time to Buy Google Chromecast 2.


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