Get £20 Play Store credit on purchase of New Chromecast


Google has come up with an awesome deal in the UK on Chromecast if you buy Chromecast for £30 through their online store, the company will give you £20 worth of Play Store credit which making the overall price of your new streaming companion only £10.

get £20 play store credit on purchase of new chromecast

But this offer doesn’t apply to the music streaming device, which was released earlier this year.The Chromecast v2 allows you to stream entertainment from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV and works with all the major streaming apps from Netflix to BBC iPlayer. The Play Store credit can be used to buy anything within the Play Store, so you can buy apps, books, movies, tv shows, music, pretty much whatever you fancy. The promotion expires on January 15, and the £20 Play Store credit must be added to a UK Google account by January 31st.



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