Google Announces the Unlimited Pictures and Videos Storage


Google Gives a big update to your Google photo app by giving unlimited pictures and videos storage later today. The new app photos app will be smart enough to organize your photos automatically and privately, to give you easier control on photo collections and albums. The Photos app also backs up automatically all your pictures, from a variety of devices, making them all available in a single place.

google announces the unlimited pictures and videos storage

  • It’s called “Google Photos”, and will live at (this url currently points to part of Google+)
  • They’re pitching it as having “unlimited storage”. Previous Google photo hosting services (like Picasa) ate into your Gmail/Drive/Google+ storage limits. “Unlimited” tends to come with caveats, so we’ll wait and see what exactly that entails. Caveats like…
  • It sounded like photos would be capped at 16MP and will also store video, capped at 1080P.
  • A new Photos app is coming to Android, iOS, and Web; it’s got better photo sorting (with things like day-by-day sorting) and a feature called “Assistant”.

Check out the latest updates on  Google I/O 2015 for all the news!


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