Google Cast Connect brings immersive casting experience with remote controls and apps


Google recently launched Cast Connect feature to facilitate the Chromecast users with immersive media controls across several apps and hardware remote controllers. The new feature brings several refinements in the existing cast from the mobile devices option. Google Cast Connect enables the Android, iOS, and Chrome apps to directly cast to Android TV and can even control the playback using the physical TV remote or its native application.

google cast connect brings immersive casting experience with remote controls and apps

Earlier, the Chromecast users were barred to control the playback from their TV /streaming device remote or Android TV application. The only option to control the media was to use the host smartphone or other devices connected to the same network (if given media controls to all).

Cast Connect helps the user easily engage with other content directly on the TV instead of only having to use your mobile device to browse for additional content.

– Google

According to the official Google post, the Cast Connect “easily engage with other content directly on the TV.” It is an amalgamation of some features from Android TV, Chromecast to enhance the user experience. It opens the Android TV app prior to the video launches on your big display.

Cast Connect is now available on some streaming services like CBS(All Access) and Stan in Australia. We expect the new service to surface on other streaming platforms too as Google has made available the Cast Connect library for developers.


  1. Dear staff,
    Are we talking here about the “Google Chromecast 4 k Sabrina” which should come out this year? I’m very curious when that dongle with remote control will be available. My 4 k smart tv is from a few years back and I love to connect that dongle to it. I am interested if I can stream YouTube Smart 4k video content via the Google Chromecast Sabrina? ? ?


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