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Google Chrome for mobile now supports Chromecast

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Google chrome for mobile now have the support for Chromecast in its latest update. There were two features implemented that instantly had me excited. The first may not be super exciting but still is great nonetheless. It’s the ability to undo a tab after closing it. however, in my hasty efforts to clean up I frequently close one that I didn’t mean to. Now that Google has implemented this Undo feature it’s a matter of hitting a button to open the tab back up.

chome mobile supports chromecast

The second feature is much more interesting, which is support for casting some videos with Chromecast. what video formats are supported To be honest we are not sure but We will say more often than not since We’ve received this update here the Chromecast Icon in the top left corner of my videos has shown up there. download the latest Chrome beta from the Google Play store.

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Sukhraj Singh
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