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As you already know that Chromecast is a streaming stick that can make your old TV a smart TV. Google Chromecast 2 was launched in 2015. It also supports casting and mirroring from all the major platforms like Android Devices, iOS devices, Windows, and Macs.

setup chromecast 2

Google Chromecast 2nd generation has a design upgrade, that is more convenient for users to attach Chromecast to their TVs. Along with a design update, it also has some upgrades in the specs like processor and WiFi bands. Still Google launched the Chromecast 2nd generation at the same price on which Chromecast 1st generation was launched i.e. $35.

Moreover, the Chromecast 2nd gen was launched in more countries that the Chromecast 1st gen. You can see full specs of Google Chromecast 2nd generation below.

Specification Chromecast (2nd generation)
Release date Sept 29, 2013
Launch price US$35
System on a chip Marvell Armada 1500 Mini Plus 88DE3006
Memory 512 MB DDR3L
Storage 256 MB
Display 1080p @ 30fps or 720p @ 60fps
Connectivity HDMI, Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz)
, Ethernet (with Ethernet power adapter)

Supports the standard 5 V, 1 A power supply

Dimensions 51.9 mm × 51.9 mm × 13.49 mm
Weight 39.1 g (1.38 oz
Model Number NC2-6A5

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