Google unveils its Chromecast 2 and Chromecast Audio


Today google has announced its new version of chromecast with the chromecast audio features. It was rumored that 2nd generation of chromecast may be launched early this year. But now the long wait of chromecast lovers come to end today.


Like the original, the Chromecast 2 will continue to “cast” music, video and games to your TV, with support for iOS and Android devices. Google also added three new “adaptive antennas,” software powered Wi-Fi antennas that adapt to current Wi-Fi conditions for the best performance.

The new Chromecast comes in three colors, black, lemonade and coral, and is available starting today in 17 countries.In addition to its revamped Chromecast video-streaming device, Google also announced new Nexus smartphones and a Chromecast music-streaming device called Chromecast Audio on Tuesday.



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