Google Chromecast Happy Birthday Offer


Last year on 24th of July 2013 Google Chromecast was launched and since than Chromecast launched, people have hit the cast button more than 400 million times to enjoy their favorite sports, music, premium movies and TV shows. Google has added hundreds of your favorite apps, including Watch ESPN, Pandora, Hulu Plus, HBO GO and PBS Kids; announced new features like mirroring your Android device to the TV and expanded to 30,000 stores across 20 countries.

google chromecast happy birthday offer

To Celebrate this event Google has come up with an exciting offer of Google Play Music All Access subscriptions free for 90 days to anyone with a Chromecast. Earlier also Google has launched this offer but at that time it was only for the new buyers which is valid till 30th September. Read our Article – Google giving 90 day free Trail of All Access for Chromecast Buyers.

In Today’s Offer Google has given all the users a gift for its birth Anniversary. This means Anybody with Chromecast can go and redeem their subscription from



  1. “Anybody” isn’t quite accurate. It didn’t work for me. I’ve been a CC user since the launch, and the Play site comes back with the error “The special offer is only available to new users”. The promo probably only works for newer CC users or those who haven’t yet done a trial of All Access.


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