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Google Chromecast now gets Quickflix Support very shortly

Australian subscription video service Quickflix is very shortly coming to chromecast. Quickflix the first Australian streaming service to officially stake a claim on the chromecast.


To date we’ve focused on smart TVs and games consoles, with our Xbox One app set to go live over the coming weeks,

Langsford says.

Our development team is already working on support for Google Chromecast, which is very exciting for us. But customers have long been asking for Quickflix to come to the Apple TV so this is something we’re also aiming for in 2014.

Quickflix aims to join this select group by the end of the year, extending its reach into Australian lounge rooms.

“Our subscribers can register up to six devices with their Quickflix account and watch up to three movies or TV shows concurrently, so every new device we support offers them better value for money from their subscription. In Australia and around the world these kinds of flexible subscription models are proving to be the way of the future, so we’re keen to bring Quickflix to as many platforms as possible.”

“I have an Apple TV at home and I’m excited about the prospect of seeing Quickflix on there,” Langsford says. “Our volume of streaming has been growing at over 20 per cent per quarter and we certainly see a boost whenever we add new device.”


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Sukhraj Singh
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