Google Chromecast to use ultrasonic Sounds to Connect with Nearby Devices


Here’s the good news for Google chromecast users i.e.  Google’s Chromecast streaming stick is to receive an update permitting it to connect with smartphones and tablets using ultrasonic sounds frequencies.

google's chromecast will use ultrasonic sounds

Google first announced support for off-network casting at its Google I/O 2014 developer conference in San Francisco Wednesday, and Chromecast Engineering Manager John Affaki said during a presentation at the conference Thursday that the goal was to make the social use of Chromecast in the living room easier. As they are planing to give an update to the device in which Using the ultrasonic pairing, any user in the vicinity of the Chromecast can select the ‘Cast’ option in compatible apps with a Wi-Fi connected device.

The Chromecast will then emit an unique ultrasonic noise which is inaudible to human ears through the connected TV’s speakers, which will be picked up and recognised by the mobile device. The ultrasonic functionality will be added in a future update to the Google chromecast may be in August 2014. In new update Google will give support for customisable home screens – including personal pictures, weather information and news – also set to be added.


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