Google Chromecast Vs Amazon Fire TV


Google chromecast is the device which is available at very low price of $35 as compared to the Amazon Fie TV which is Priced at $99.In this article we try to help you to differentiate between the Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast.


Size and Connections

The streaming sticks are obviously smaller and they plug directly into your TV’s HDMI port. They are also capable of drawing power from an available USB port. The boxes all offer extra ports, including an Ethernet port which could be important if you don’t have great Wi-Fi. So here in this category their is not much competition because chromecast consumes less space and gives you little less connection options than Amazon Fire TV.

Winner : Draw

App availability

Amazon’s FireTV is the only device capable of streaming Amazon Prime Video. It is capable of playing video games which is unmatchable by Google Chromecast at present. But As you Google is giving so many apps day by day the chromecast support that it may cross all its other rivals in near future. But at present Amazon Fire Tv wins in this section.

Winner : Amazon Fire TV 


Pricing is pretty straightforward: Google’s Chromecast, at $35, is the indisputable winner. Amazon’s FireTV are tied in second place, at $99. For that $99,  Amazon give you the device, a remote and a power cable. Google’s Chromecast plugs directly into the TV’s HDMI input.


If you want a device at very low price and want do almost all the things which are possible in the streaming device than Google Chromecast is the Device for you because we see the future of this device is very Bright. But if you want spend some more money for feature like voice search than Amazon Fire TV is Best for you.

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