Google expand the Capabilities of Google Chromecast by focusing more on Gaming with Chromecast


Google wants to stand tall in the Competition with  devices of Apple, lenovo cast, Amazon, etc. That’s why Google said it will begin offering new capabilities that make it easy for developers to create more interactive apps that run on a smartphone, tablet or PC, and then wirelessly stream to its Chromecast device, which plugs in to a television.
google cast apis

Oe Example is the Game Manager API that makes it easier to build multiplayer games. It lets developers synchronize game states across many players’ devices on both Android and iOS. In this developers can stream a game’s visuals to a television and use mobile devices as controllers.


In addition, new autoplay and content queuing APIs allow apps to stream multiple pieces of music and video continuously, while allowing users greater control over their playlists. All the APS’s are available on the Google Cast deeveloper’s site 

Check out the our coverage on  Google I/O 2015 for all the news!


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