Google is all set to bring Fuchsia OS on Nest Audio


In 2016, the news broke about Google’s upcoming open-source operating system, Fuchsia. Later in May 2021, Google replaced Cast OS based on Chromium in Google Nest Hub with Fuchsia OS. Google completed the rollout by August 2021 in all of its Nest Hubs. Earlier this year, the Nest Hub Max too received the update. Going by this, the Nest Hub 2nd Gen will also receive its Fuchsia OS update soon. The brand is now working on its Nest Audio smart speaker to run on its Fuchsia operating system.

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Earlier, there were reports that Google would use Fuchsia OS for smart speakers. There were also reports of many Nest speakers in development. 9to5Google even reported that Google would upgrade its existing smart speakers to Fuchsia. Now more pieces of evidence have popped up confirming the claim. A Googler mentions testing the change on Prince on a new Fuchsia OS code. Google refers to Nest Audio internally as “Prince”. The other products in the Google Nest lineup, like Google Home or Nest speakers, were also named after famous musicians.

google is all set to bring fuchsia os on nest audio

Google’s Nest Audio is the top product in Google’s smart speaker lineup. It offers a rich and inviting sound & provides better audio than Nest Mini. The recent upgrades to Fuchsia will help Google to ensure a seamless upgrade. Google wants to upgrade its speakers so that the user does not notice any change. Most users who had upgraded their Nest Hubs didn’t see any difference in upgrades.

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The absence of a screen in Nest speakers helps Google to achieve its goal. One can’t even identify if Nest Audio has switched to Fuchsia. It may take at least one year for Google to upgrade its Nest Audio to Fuchsia OS. Once Google upgrades, all things will be in an exact place, like accepting voice commands, Casts from apps, and more.


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