Google is making a easier way for more games to come to Chromecast


Google Chromecast has become the success for Google. Although at the launch their is lots of talks about the product that people may get confuse to use it. But now Google Chromecast is the most popular streaming device in the market. Google now pushing gaming on chromecast.

chromecast gaming

According to a blog post from Google announced support for the popular game engine Unity on the streaming device. Google says its new development API takes unique advantage of the GPU and CPU in Android and iOS mobile devices to render games directly on televisions. Unity is a popular cross-platform game development framework that aids in the design and creation of video games.

From Unity store if a developer wants to put his or her cool mobile game on the big screen through Chromecast, all it takes is enabling the Remote Display API plugin, available either through GitHub or the Unity store. The plug-in allows for camera setup for both mobile and remote displays, and easy previewing of new builds on a television or other display.

monopoly chromecast

Currently, there are games that already have remote casting built in, including ‘Monopoly: Here and Now’ by Electronic Arts.The company released a set of design guidelines today to ensure developers take these rules into account and use the Remote Display plugin in a consistent manner.


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