Google Now is included in its new chrome OS app


Google starts to roll out an update for the chrome os Beta Channel next week bringing Google Now to the Chrome Launcher 2.0. This version looks more like a new tab on the Chrome browser than the platform’s current, more traditional one that’s basically a windows that shows app icons — it even has its own search bar.

chrome os launcher

Hit the search icon in the taskbar and a window will pop up giving you a search bar, shortcuts to your apps, and Google Now cards which can display weather, upcoming appointments, and other details based on what Google knows about you and your preferences (if you have Now enabled).

The update also brings automatic time zone updates for folks who are travelling (your Chromebook will detect your location and adjust the time accordingly, just like your smartphone probably does).

Have a password-protected ZIP file you want to open? You’ll be able to do that in Chrome OS too… and there’s an option to remember passwords for individual files.


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