Google’ s Inbox app is now available to everyone


After 8 months Inbox is available to all the android users. Inbox is an overhaul of Gmail, giving you the ability to snooze, pin, and quickly swipe away emails. Google’s also pumped out some new features, including the super duper important “undo send.”

inbox app available for all

Any to-do items you create in Google Keep will now appear in Inbox. Google is also partnering with Hotel Tonight and Eat24 to let you make dinner or food reservations right inside the Inbox app.

Google’s senior vice president, Sundar Pichai, announced these updates at Google I/O this morning, adding that the company now has more than 900 million active monthly Gmail users, with 75 percent of these using Google’s Gmail mobile app. While updates like today’s show that Google’s ambitions for Inbox go way beyond just email, the company has a long way to go before it even begins to match the popularity of Gmail.

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