Google Stars is Publicly Launched as the Bookmark Manager


A long rumored Google’s Bookmarking service Google Stars is launched as Bookmarks Manager in the Chrome Web store.The actual process for creating bookmarks hasn’t changed. You can still click the little star icon in Chrome’s Omnibox when you’re on a page that you want to remember. Now, however, you can use a brand-new search feature to comb through your bookmarks for that elusive site that you know you’ve saved, but can’t seem to remember where it is.

bookmark manager

The extension swaps out the nigh-useless list of links for a grid of items illustrated with snapshots of the pages you’ve bookmarked. Your existing collection of links will be automatically grouped into to folders, and when you add a new item (by hitting the familiar star button as you browse), Google will suggest folders to help you organize your links as well.

Some reviewers and other users have reported trouble with the new extension, which may require a more recent version of Google Chrome. It may be possible that this Bookmark Manager is meant to be a public beta given that Google has yet to make an official announcement about its arrival. We reached out to Google for clarification but have not heard back.


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