How to Access Dropbox on Chrome OS


Although Google Drive is very good and easy to use from the Chrome OS. A new Chrome app allows users to access Dropbox files from the Chrome OS , just like Google Drive. You can browse and search files stored in your Dropbox and upload new ones.

dropbox for chromeos

The installation is fairly straight forward, head over to the Chrome Web Store and install the extension, then open the app from your menu and you’ll be prompted for Dropbox credentials. The extension seems to make use of the Dropbox Core API, but as with any third party app – user beware.

After the app has installed open the Chrome App Launcher and launch it (look for a blue folder icon with a ‘D’ in the middle). Every time you run the app from the app launcher the ‘File System for Dropbox’ app will ask you to “Mount your Dropbox”. Click the ‘Mount’ button to do this.

Anyhow It’s a pretty neat extension and until Google officially supports it, it’s good enough for me. Check it out on the Chrome Web Store.



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