How to Flash Android 5.0 to Nexus Player


Google has been attempting to put the Company to the TOP position in Streaming TV feild. So to make a hold in this Feild Google is attempting many things this year. This year, with the launch of the Nexus Player

android 5.0nexus player

How to Flash Android 5.0 to Nexus Player

You’re not stuck with Android TV if you own a Nexus Player. Flashing Android 5.0 onto the device is a very simple Once you’re in bootloader mode, all you have to do is download Lollirock and send a few fastboot commands:

fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot -w

When the Player restarts, you’ll be greeted by a standard-issue Android interface. There are a couple major advantages, too. First you have access to a web browser. Chrome and the Android browser come standard, but you can install your personal favourite, Secondly Google Play access.

With its 1.8Ghz quad-core Atom chip, the Nexus Player certainly packs enough power under the hood to offer a decent desktop experience; it doesn’t need to be relegated to set-top duties. And on another good note, reverting to the stock Android TV software isn’t a big deal, either; just grab the image from Google and flash it to the Nexus Player and you’re right back where you started.



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