How to play and pause content on Chromecast with a TV remote


You can now play and pause content on Chromecast with a TV remote. This feature makes it significantly easier to control your content without having to use your smartphone for everything.

play pause content on chromecast

Google recently rolled out a Chromecast software update that adds support for pausing or playing videos using a TV remote. Although You’ll still need to use your phone, tablet, or PC web browser to actually select the content you want to send to the Chromecast. But once a video or song is playing, you don’t need to grab your mobile device to pause.

The new feature works with HDMI-CEC which is an extension of the HDMI protocol and this allows your TV remote to send signals to the Chromecast which comes with the latest software update.

Not all apps support the feature at the moment, it appears that the Netflix app does not support the use of the remote control, although we presume that this is something that will change in the future.


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