HTC Zoe App gets Google Chromecast Support


hTC Zoe app get the handful of features in its new update available on the Google Play Store. Main feature in the update is the Chromecast support with which users are allowed to share their ‘Zoes’ i.e. videos with friends and family on the TV.


Today’s update to HTC Zoe brings sharing your creations back to the local level, and with that comes a short list of much needed functionality improvements that make the app feel much more complete.

Included in this latest Zoe update is a fix for the bug that caused a playing video to restart when you change device orientation, as well as adding a retry button if your upload to the Zoe network fails the first time. The retry button shows up inside the alert dialog for an upload failure, so you can either give it another shot or cancel until you’re connected to a better network.

Have you tried the new update? Are you excited for Chromecast support? Let us know in the comments.

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