Mozilla Building Chromecast Competitor


Mozilla is currently working with some unknown partner for developing a streaming stick Like ChromecastGigaOm obtained a prototype of the alleged device, which is currently being shared with a small group of developers. The dongle will allegedly be powered by Firefox OS, giving users the capability to easily stream content from their many devices straight to their TV.

firefox vs chromecast

It is said that Mozilla’s device will not be as restricted as Google chromecast but i think the Price would be the main factor in the popularity of the these kind of streaming sticks. They also said that Manufacturers may also be able to freely create their own specific hardware that utilizes the software, which could potentially make the platform more widely available than Chromecast.

Device already been let out of the bag. Important information such as specs, price, release and more isn’t known as of yet—even the device’s name isn’t known.


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