Nexus Player coming to Japan in February


Earlier in January 2015 Google Has launched the Nexus Player. It won’t be exclusive to North America for much longer: The device will start selling in Japan. In a post on its Asia Pacific Blog, Google has revealed that the Nexus Player will be available in Japan by the end of February.

nexus player

Google has not give a specific date of February when the Google Nexus Player will be available, the company has said that it will launch at the end of February and it will retail for JPY 12,800.

Upon release in Japan, customers will have access to a variety of content such as Video Market, Hot Pepper Beauty and Ryori Sapuri Hulu Japan will be available on the Nexus Player in Japan. Among the major set-top boxes available in Japan Apple Tv is the only one,So their is a definite market for nexus player and it may become popular very soon.


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