Personalize your Chromecast Homescreen through Dashboard Cast


Dashboard Cast is an Android application that allows you to turn your television into a personal dashboard. The app is a little unstable but a fun take on creating dashboards with Chromecast.

personalize your chromecast homescreen through dashboard cast

Dashboard Cast is a new Android app which has emerged and looks to be among the better clients of its kind. It’s essentially an app that lets users toggle widgets and customize information such as RSS feeds, stock quotes, weather, and calendars. The widgets available are-  Clock and date widget, Weather widget : choose a location to get weather information for, RSS widget : enter an RSS feed URL and display it on Chromecast, Calendar widget : read your phone’s calendar and display it in agenda or monthly format, Stock widget : select from a list of stock quotes.

You may find Dashboard Cast to be a little buggy but the developer seems earnest in creating the best experience possible. But I see this app being useful if you work at home or have a t.v. accessible to you where you can benefit from at a glance info. With Google Now and other information summarizers, it’s hard to imagine this being totally useful for everyone.


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