Push Notifications for Google Chrome in its version 42


Google’s Chrome 42 update brings the push notifications for everyone.It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux and now users that now lets websites send you alerts, no matter your browser is open or not.


Chrome 42 update brings two new APIs- Push API and Notifications API that will let websites send notifications to their users even after page is closed. Google adds that websites will be able to send notifications only after a user approves it. Once a website is approved, developers can use Google Cloud Messaging to contact a service worker, who will run the JavaScript and implement the notifications. The release has user visible notifications that includes a “Site Settings” button through which users can disable notifications easily

The latest version of Chrome also contains some 45 security fixes and “lots of under the hood changes for stability and performance.” There’s also a ‘42/meaning of life‘ joke on the Chrome blog that Google just couldn’t resist. Chrome 42 is auto-updating starting today, or you can grab the latest version here.


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