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SlingBox gets the Google Chromecast support

Slingbox adds the Chromecast Support to its iPhone and android apps. Chromecast allows you to send content to your TV straight from your mobile device, and Slingplayer lets you turn that around and watch TV on your mobile device.


“When paired with the Slingplayer app, you’ll be able to watch any of your cable or satellite programming (live or recorded) on any TV that’s been set up with Chromecast,” said Slingblog. “Remember, both the Chromecast device and Slingplayer-equipped mobile device must be on the same network. And when they are, you’ll be able to control your TV with a soft remote interface that shows up on your phone or tablet.”

Now that Slingboxes are finally compatible with Google’s popular dongle, users will be able to watch any of their cable or satellite programming, be it live or recorded, on any TV rocking a Chromecast. No longer chained to a mobile device for viewing away from home, Sling users can essentially now take the big screen, and all of its content, anywhere they roam — as long as the place they roam to has an HDMI-equipped TV and Wi-Fi, of course.

Using their Wi-Fi connected smartphone or tablet, Sling users will be able to control their TV with a soft remote interface that Sling has integrated into the app. And since Chromecast doesn’t hijack the mobile device’s internal resources, they’ll also be free to multitask and use other apps, send texts, check email, etc., even while simultaneously transmitting video from their home DVR/cable box.

Sukhraj Singh
Sukhraj Singh
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