TubeCast brings Chromecast support to Windows Phone


TubeCast brings the Chromecast support for the Windows Phone Users which helps you to stream the YouTube Videos to TV screens. Earlier Google has supported many apps on iOS and Android platform which helps to stream videos and music to your TV. Now after very long time the Chromecast support has comes to the Windows Phone.

tubecast brings chromecast support

To be honest, Tube Cast only does one thing – allows you to stream YouTube videos to your Chromecast. I say “one thing” because that is literally all it does. The application doesn’t allow you to pause, stop, fast-forward, seek or anything.

It is a very limited, but the developer says they are working on bringing more functionality to the app. What really matters here is not even how much the app does. Although the Google chromecast support for the Windows Phone is a huge thing.


Earlier the play, Pause functionality was not their but now this is also their…..[ 4th july 2014].

Get Tubecast Here



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